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October 05 2012

Spouse visa UK allows the spouse of a UK citizen or permanent resident to make great britain to stay. This visa lets you work in the united kingdom. If you were together at under 4 years, you might be granted the spouse visa UK for any probationary duration of Two years. After Two years and you're simply still married and living together you can apply for indefinite leave to keep UK. if you have been together more than Four years outside of the UK and you've got passed living in britain test, you are eligible to get indefinite leave to penetrate in britain with out complete the spouse visa probationary period.

a1 spouse visa english test

To qualify for the spouse visa UK you need these requirements:

• Both partners needs to be 21 years and over

• The UK citizen should have met their spouse

• You need to intend to live together to be able to receive the spouse visa

• You have to possess sufficient funds to to your bills along with your spouse and then any dependants without claiming for public funds.

• Should have suitable and available accommodation for the spouse and dependant children

If you have entry clearance for six months or less you cannot change status to spouse visa and youngsters with the marriage who are under 18 years old are allowed admittance to great britain as dependants and can make their application concurrently since the main applicant.

Indefinite leave to keep UK enables you to live in the United Kingdom indefinitely. If you've been residing in the UK within visa category which results in settlement, you might submit an application for indefinite leave to stay depending on the term with the visa. There's no time limit with this visa and you will not spend more than Two years outside the United Kingdom. It's also possible to become a suitable British naturalization to the UK should you qualify for citizenship.

a1 spouse visa english test

A UK resident with indefinite leave to keep must look into great britain his or her home of course, if the individuals only spend short amounts of time in the UK, this may lead to losing the ILR status. Before ILR is granted you'll have to reveal that you have sufficient understanding of English or welsh or Scottish Gaelic. You shouldn't are already determined by public funds in the period in which you had limited leave to keep UK. You have no immigration restrictions upon the kind of business or work you are undertaking.

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